Tuesday, January 05, 2010

RedSox sign Beltre - Castillo to Boston? REALLY?

BoSox Buy Beltre.
It's been announced the Red Sox signed Adrian Beltre......and Mike Lowell is gonna.....?

It's only a one year deal though....which speaks to what I said in my last post about the MLB expiring contract..

Now the rumor is the Mets and Red Sox swapping Mike Lowell for Luis Castillo. Apparently Dustin Pedroia hinted he'd be willing to move to short stop.  I can't say I like that idea.  I like Pedroia right where he is.  The monkey wrench in that is shortstop has never been settled since the Nomar Garciapara trade.  I thought it then; - I thought the RedSox should have re-up'd Orlando Cabrera.  Such as life.

Luis Castillo is getting a real bad rap around here.  The problem was Omar giving him a 4 year deal when he was fresh off injury.  Four Years?  C'Mon!  It's just like Jason Bay currently.  While teams are signing players to one and two year deals, Omar continues to cave in and give that last year, for the sake of getting the deal done.  I hoped the Mets could sign Bay for 3 years.  They gave him four...& a VESTED OPTION FIFTH YEAR!!  Unbelievable.!  But - Castillo is a good player.  He hit over his career avg. last year after finally getting over his injury.  He has a good glove too.  He's had a very solid career.  But NY Met fans are just dying to get him sent somewhere else to the point they'll drive him to the airport themselves.  If the Mets can move Castillo for Lowell (health still suspect), Mike can play first and give us a little more than Daniel Murphy did.  But don't start counting D- Murph out yet.  Did you notice his doubles total?  To replace Castillo I'm assuming the plan would be to try and sign Orlando Hudson to a year-too-long contract like Omar does everyone else,  (See - Johan 7yrs. - Glavine, too long, Pedro too long,  Wagner year too long,  Castillo too long.....get my drift?).  Oh, I'm sorry, Mets waited too long on him too.  He signed already.  Rats!

Jason Marquis is going to throw a no-hitter against the Mets in 2010 because he wanted to pitch here, his hometown, but the Mets were still snoozing at the time.  But we got R.A. freakin' Dickey though.  Woo-Hoo!

...And as for Theo; What is he thinking about entertaining this thought about Pedroia to short?  That'sa wicked BAD idea dude.

The Hot Stove just got a little wierd....like looking at H. Matsui in an Angels uniform. Know when something just doesn't look right?

Point of amusement >.....Matsui and Ichiro can't stand eachother. It'll be fun watching them in the same division now.


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