Friday, January 15, 2010

PUFF the MUTANT SLUGGER, I'm sorry too.

Sorry Mark, as fans, this is all we really have. You get to bask in the limelight, hug the Maris family, and walk away with million$ earned. It's impossible to ever get 38,000 ticket holders to boycott any given game. Sure we could boo and heckle. We can create props to dishearten you with, like Boston does to perfection usually with A-Rod (good job BeanTown!!! The blond haired girl mask still cracks me up!!). But really? This is all we have; and our apathy, if any, because most of the time, it's about the ring and 'things' get over looked.

It took you 9 years since your retirement to come up with that? I can get a better grip on this from a mime. You spoke as you have not before. But you didn't really say anything. Actually I'm insulted by your selective memory and your bold assertions steroids played no role in your homerun prowess. Could you ponder for a second, if steroids kept you healthier and on the field more consistantly, isn't that in itself an assist versus the prospect of another lost year to injury and lost playing time, thus reducing your homerun totals and perhaps your homerun per at-bat ratio?!...according to you. Good training, self improvemnt, hitting comprehension and good DNA were what enabled you to hit homeruns at your pace, and wall scraping distances.

You insult my intelligence; everyone's! Yet knowing full well you were a fraud when you embraced the Maris Family's want to share with you, I need to hear you say you're sorry now with the crocodile tears for effect. If that's your prefered choice to reconcile, fine. I'm not bitter. Not at all. It's just that you and your select contemporaries got to have the time of your lives, and are set for life to boot. But you couldn't give us fans something back that wouldn't have put you out one penny. It's called respect; Respect for the Game, and for Henry Chadwick's sake, respect for the Maris Family. So where you once you had it all, all I have is this blog. You danced and partied all night on our record books, drunk with enhancement. Now we are left behind not only footing the bill, but cleaning up the mess too.

Happy coaching Mark. Excuse me while I have some fun at your expense, considering you cheated, on my dime!  Sorry dude...but this comes with the territory.

Like I said, sorry Mark.  I made a stupid mistake and yes, I was drinking Snapple while I posted this.
I deeply regret my actions and wish I had never been able to blog over the last 15 minutes. I'm looking foward to working harder to be less foregiving in the face of  Adaciousness and be all the Blogger I can be.
Happy Coaching and maybe you can get the RedBirds to shorten their swing, like you did once.

Rings hollow doesn't it?

Credit due: New York Post & New York Daily News

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