Monday, January 04, 2010

No FEHR vs. No FEAR equals...A FIGHT !

BUD SELIG, Igor to the owner's Frankenstein, will be stepping down from his post, so he says.  DONALD, the biggest hinderance to rectifying the PED-era, FEHR, broke out of town like Spiro Agnew when Richard Nixon's house was about to crumble around him.

Fay Vincent wanted to start with reasonable suspicion and investigate suspected usage of PED's in baseball invoking the best interests of Baseball.  C'mon...we were screaming about Canseco back in 1988!  Fay also stuck his nose in too deep for the owners' tastes, into the negotiations of a collective bargaining agreement when he was still commish.  Both those efforts got him effectively fired by the owners.  They instituted their "Gumba", their "Pizo", and pulled his strings the way they wanted ever since.  Want Evidence? - You explain that 3 Card-Monte he orchestrated with the swap of Boston/Florida and the mothballing of the Expos, sending them off to vacation in Puerto Rico (which incidently is an outrageously beautiful island,...sorry...I strayed), and dropped a cherry on top by allowing Peter Angelos to steal all the new-Nat's TV money?  Selig was/is for the owners, by the owners. 

However he could have shouted from the highest mountain top about steriods, and it would have changed nothing.  Selig's crime is ignorance, and denial planned or otherwise and Crony'ism.  PED talk fell on deaf ears unless Donald Fehr wanted to do something about it.  Which by the way for the last 20 years has meant, Nothing.

MLB/Selig ignored it as long as they could get away with it..  But after the Congressional FreakShow with Slammin' no english Sammy So-So, Groucho, Harpo, Canseco, Raffy and "no interest in the past" Andro-Man McGwire, then the recurring positive tests under terms of the re-opened bargaining agreement, plus leaks from the sample testing list revealing huge names, and full knowledge that he, D.Fehr, himself knew who was on that list, well...He left under the cover of darkness On That Midnight Train to Georgia.  He knows what's up.  Here's what I think...what's up.

I think baseball is tremoring towards the biggest structural upheaval it's been through since Marvin Miller won the right to institute the current model baseball operates by - Free Market, strong Survive and (now subsidize).

You know a salary cap is on the table.  The owners detest arbitration - the single most reason for the escalation of player salaries.  Slotting minor league/amatuer players from the draft is a huge 800 pound gorilla they want resolved also.  Then obviously, steroids.

This is the biggest reason there are so many as-yet unsigned players available.  Have you noticed the preponderance of one and two year deals being signed?  It's because times are-a-changing.

Selig...gone.  Fehr...gone.   We know right from the beginning, the next collective bargaining session is going to be unlike any we've had to endure in nearly two decades.  The Union's no FEHR, and the owner's no FEAR could mean trouble for all of us.  Fight in the schoolyard!!

Enjoy THIS season!   : o

post script:  If you're around my age 40z...If you remember back to at least the 1976 Olympics.....My point is.... because I was about to get stupidly verbose....SAVE!

Say if you were around in the 70z, we knew back then the Eastern Bloc countries were getting juiced like Roman Soldiers drinking after victory.  By the early 80z it was common knowledge.  But because we put baseball on the perverbial pedistal like we do, we ignored it just the same.  We kept paying to see them.

: O

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