Sunday, January 24, 2010

No BREUKELEN BRIDGE? Say it aint so!!!

According to this article, the original town of Breukelen, Netherlands, - The town to which my great metropolis owes it's name, will be de-certified and get absorbed into a greater existence in the land of windmills and tullips..  Funny how in 1898, Brooklyn, as a city, suffered the same fate when we were absorbed into greater NYC; a dark day...dem buncha Bums.

Farewell to the Founder

BREUKELEN, Netherlands

This news article is what inspired BREUKELEN STATION,
Home Terminal for my beloved:


Thus whenever we go on our road trips and Jump-The-Trolley, we pull out of Breukelen Station.

There it is my friends, the epistemology of the BrooklynTrolleyBlogger
& Breukelen Station.
Trying to keep what was once old, new.  And trying to find what once was, today.

(and yes, the fact that Blogger kinda rhymes with Dodger, binds it all together for me).

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