Monday, January 04, 2010

New York Football Giants Fire Defensive Co-ordinator Today

The New York Giants fired their much beleaguered Defensive Co-ordinator today after a miserable afternoon versus the Vikings on Sunday which ended their no less miserable season.  The game was to be a glorious ending to the Giants' time in the Meadowlands, known better as GIANTS STADIUM.  It ended up being just another demolition with no one around to watch.  I'm going to be honest with you.  I'm not that upset.

I'm happy as heck Jerry Reese reacted swiftly and relieved BILL SHERRIDAN of his post.  I'm Even happier John Mara ripped into the team for their collectively horrid efforts this season.  That right there is the reason I'm not that upset about this season's display of apathy; - The new Mr. Mara is on it.  Jerry Reese is on it.  The machine is working.  C'mon Giants fans, we've had bad seasons and bad times before.  We were very foregiving of  "The Duke" for his never ending 5 year rebuilding plan between The Giff and Little Joe Morris.  Having said that.......

Bill Sherridan was a nightmare.  There just wasn't anything creative enough going on upstairs to compete in the NFL.  It looked like a tutorial straight out of Defense for Dummies.  But I willl tell you it is not all his fault the Giants defense was torn apart this year like wet toilet paper.

The secondary never got healthy.  We lost S-Kenny Phillips for the year.  But most of all, and we all knew it, our Linebackers were our team's soft white underbelly with OR without Antonio Pierce.  If you didn't know it, you don't know 'Didly'.

The league figured out early beat the Giants by passing all day.  That's what the league did to us.  Pass, Pass, Pass.  Done.  The defensive line never has a chance too get off if your linebackers are suspect and your secondary is in intensive care.

I recognized it early and these last few weeks didn't hurt as much as a result.

Sherridan?  Gone?  Good.
Talk about dumping OSI?  Whooooa!  Can we sleep on that one.  Relax a little. You're talking while you're stilll angry.

I'm not concerned with the offensive or defensive line. I'm not concerned with our recievers.  I never was.  I'm not overly concerned with our running game depending how bad Brandon Jacobs' knee really is.

I am concerned that Gillbride has turned the GIANTS into a passing team and I'll just never get used to that.
The secondary is in shambles.  Our linebacking non-existant.  I am also concerned that it appears without Strahan around these guys were looking for someone to take them by the hand on defense and show the way.

I'm good with Tom at Head Coach.  I wasn't always. I'm happy with Jerry Reese.  I am unequivocally on his side.  John Mara has my full support, respect and loyalties.

...And that's where I stand at the conclusion of the 2009 Giants Football Season.  Things can always change.

I view these seasons as a window; - A window of opportunity.  Just like back between 1985-1990, sometimes things went good, sometimes things went great and sometimes things were down right terrible (see following-up SB XXI with that nasty strike year, and, hold on fellow G-Fans,  FLIPPER ANDERSON!),

So....?  Let's see what happens next year while this window of opportunity is still open for us.

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