Saturday, January 02, 2010

Jump On! The TROLLEY is on the MOVE Again.

They say we're the city of eight million people with eight million different stories.  Here in Brooklyn we have 2.5 million of those denizens.  I'm one of them.  I have an account of two other Brooklynites I'd like to share.  I have a story for you about one day, one place and two people who demonstrate and epitomize, first - Like I've been telling you, the spirit, soul, the essence of the Brooklyn Dodgers is alive, well, and thriving here in the Borough of Kings.  But secondly, and most importantly, this is about familial ties and heirlooms, neighborhood loyalties and quite honestly ladies and gentlemen, what being from Brooklyn is really all about.

It's time to board the TROLLEY again.  Jump-on and hold tight.   We're leaving Breukelen Station and our Destination is the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  C'mon.

You know I've been having fun with this "Baseball Archaeologist" pseudonym I made up along the way.  Well, for as much as I'd like, - Well, this story deserves, what we call around here, Respect.

I already knew about a steak house in Williamsburg with some great old Brooklyn themed movie posters displayed on their exterior for all to enjoy.  My idea was to go there and take some pictures for what I thought would be a cool post. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the ride to Williamsburg today.  We'll be pulling up to the corner Steakhouse at Leonard Street and Conselyea Street.  I went there for some pictures.  I walked away with a memory. 

I humbly title this post:  WELCOME To a BROOKLYN HEIRLOOM,  OPEN JUST For YOU.

As I said, I knew about this particular steak house for the movie posters displayed on the exterior.  No, I never ate there before.  I assure you THAT WILL change however.  I went and took my photo's.  I intended to just take 5 or so pics.  Yea right!  After documenting the exterior of this place like a City Inspector, better sense returned to me and I knew I should call the phone number on the window and ask for permission to photograph his posters and property, but also to post them on my sight.  So I did.

A gentleman answered and I explained to him forthright what I was up to and that I was respectfully asking permission to use the images for this purpose.  After giving him what information he desired and exchanging some pleasantry,...and after being very agreeable the whole time, JOHN, consented.

The posters themselves are spectacular.  I've always had it my mind to take a picture of the "Lords of Flatbush" poster.  The posters are all Brooklyn centric obviously, but what makes them utterly magical to me is the references they make to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  They are more footprints in the dried-up river bed.  The posters are more little fossils of evidence which proves the Brooklyn Dodgers are alive and well in the Borough of Kings.

I was very satisfied with the pictures. No,...I was ecstatic with the pictures I had and couldn't wait to share them with the BloggerHood.  I remained there for a few minutes scrolling through the pictures.

Apparently, John lived close by and decided to come out there,  perhaps before I left, because if that was me?.. - I'm making sure this cat is on the up-and-up..Know what I mean?!  He approached me knowing who I was, fiddling with my camera and all.  I assumed John, correctly,  we shook hands and conversed in the lightly falling snowy afternoon.  My kinda weather!!  He related to me about buying a new house and his plans for creating a memorabilia / ManCave (my word) in the basement.  John is a Yankees fan.  I'm a Mets fan.  I told him as much.  See?!  Met and Yankee fans can share space.  I didn't tell him I was a SOX fan too.  Sorry John, you can let me have it when I visit next time.

After getting a little deeper into what I was doing with this whole Blog-thing, to my great surprise and immense delight, he opened up the restaurant and we entered.  The DeSTEFANO's Steak & Chops establishment wasn't due to open till 5 p.m.and I was inside looking at Brooklyn's soul at 1pm.

Inside, there is a wall dedicated to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  There was one photo in particular I never saw before, of a Yankee and Dodger vendor together, hawking their goods.  Outstanding!  I thought I saw them all.  By this time, John's father had arrived, JOE.  John introduced us as I thanked him kindly for the intrusion.  I was stumbling over my  words because you just couldn't pen a better script.  Joe also seemed quite agreeable with letting me post this wonderful encounter as I clicked away with delight.  Another frame contained a local newspaper clip celebrating the Legendary DODGER Sym-PHONY BAND.  God bless their Brooklynite hearts.  They made their way out to a Brooklyn Cyclones' game a couple of years ago.  I hope they're well!

The cherry on top of this trip, was what I will call their Wall of Fame.  I don't think it's a stretch to assume they call it that too...huh?  The wall is covered with the Brooklynites who've hit the big time, the famous, our pride and stars.  The wall is a Who's Who from the Borough of Kings.  I asked him if he had my team's owner up there, Mr. Lafayette High School Pitcher himself, Fred Wilpon.  It was worth a chuckle but it didn't get him on the wall; - at least not yet.  I will be going back to DeStefano's for what I'm sure will be a spectacular dinner experience with my wife.  Perhaps one day they'll let me detail that wall better.  But for now, to that point, I was overwhelmed already from my experience with John and Joe, and I had already taken up enough of their good time.  I didn't want to over-step their hospitality.

The rest of my day went swimmingly!! 

I'd like to extend my deepest, warmest and most sincere appreciation to John and Joe, proprietors and family owners of DeSTEFANO's STEAK & CHOPS, -

DeSTEFANO"S STEAKHOUSE is located at the corner of LEONARD STREET and CONSELYEA STREET in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  A special thank you goes out to Mrs. "Joe" and John's MOM, - Because behind every good man there's a better woman, and because when she raised John, she did a great job!  God Bless you all.

The experience I had with you fine gentlemen reaffirms what I aways felt and believe in my heart.   I Love living in Brooklyn.  You two men are another pair of reasons why.

Enjoy the pictures everyone, courtesy of  DeStefano's SteakHouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the corner of Leonard Street and Conselyea Street.

The Baseball Archaeologist had this day off.  
I hope you enjoyed your ride on the TROLLEY Blogger today.  I had a blast!!!
Best regards to all......Mike.

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