Tuesday, January 05, 2010

John Mara & Jeff Wilpon Speak-out..kinda. HEY DOLAN!!!

John Mara, my dude! - Ripped into his team at season's end and said the results of this season was akin to a
2-14 pathetic effort.  He is angry and he wants everyone working for Big Blue to know it. Good FOR HIM!  And good for us too!

Today, Omar Minaya, but more importantly Jeff Wilpon tried showing a less dark disposition with regards to Ownership's wishes, plans, direction and fan perceptions.  Whatever.  Normally it wouldn't take much for me to go into a tangent about the Wilpons (and by the way I want to hear from FRED).  But today, although I would've liked to see him a little less rosy about his MetLook, Jeff said and touched on everything I usually complain about with regards to METropolis.  I'm agreeable with what Jeff and Omar had to say today at the JASON BAY press conference.


HEY DOLAN!!!?  You wanna say something to us?  My other owners are talking to me loud and clear as of today.  Care to add something to this conversation?  Could you explain to me why Glen Sather's BLUEprint for perpetual mediocracy is so appealing to you?  Just wondering.  Or are you just going to jack-up my cable bill to pay for your MSG renovation?  Couldn't you just get "This Old House"?.  I can't wait to read my future cable bills for the answer to that!

This guy "theDolan(s)" owns my favorite hockey team, my favorite basketball team until the NETS come to BROOKLYN when I'll have to rethink things, the arena I go see and root their play in, the channel I watch their games on and the cable outlet I get my service from.  Do you think we deserve to hear from him more often?  I do!!

I heard from an angry John Mara and a bland Jeff Wilpon in the last two days.  Hey Dolan, drop your guitar for a few moments and tell me why the Rangers are spinning their tires in the Glen-Sather-Cap-Mud.

You've been trying to take Cablevision private for a while now.  You spun-off the Rangers/Knicks/MSG from the parent company.  Why do I get the feeling my cable bill is going to increase once the MSG renovation gets into full swing?  Talk to me JIM!


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