Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan.18th Islanders vs. Devils

The Devils took the bus out to Long Island today for an MLK Jr. matinee' versus the Islanders.  So far the Islanders are wrecking Marty Brodeur, smokin' him for 4 goals in the first 2 periods.  This isn't the defense Marty used to have in front of him, back in the day.  Devil defense has been slippin this last week and I know coach LeMaire is pissed.  Devils are sitting on top of the division with 65 points.  They've given up a league low 105 goals against, including the current action.  That's why Jacques is pissed and that's why the Devils win....TRAP...(did I say that?).  The Islanders are 3 points behind my Rangers with 50, and in 4th place in the division.  But the Islanders are looking strong today and they're up and coming...finally. -  After what Mike Milbury put them through?  Well they currently hold the 8th playoff spot.  The Rangers have the 7th and the Devils are two in the conference behind Washington.

There's 10 minutes left in this game with the Isles still leading 4-0.  It's only short bus ride, relatively, from the Isle home ice in Uniondale back to Newark for the Devils.  But I betcha Jacques LeMaire is gonna make this one of the longer bus rides they've had in a while.  The Long Island crowd is starting to put their coats on.  Time is winding down.  Today's game out in Uniondale was a sell-out.  Aside from opening day, their first of the season.  D.P. is back in net for the Isles this season.  It's been a long road for him.  But shame on the Islanders for signing him to that dumb-a*s contract.

4 minutes.  I can't stand the Islanders, but I love listening to Howie Rose!!

And the crowd is chanting D.P.  D.P.  D.P.   Oh shut that stuff up!  1:28 left.

The New Jersey Devils played like little tired gremlins today.  1 MINUTE.

D.P. shuts-out the New Jersey Devils!!!   Game.  D.P. notches his first shut-out since Feb. 21, 2008.

Final  Islanders 4 - Devils 0       Islanders 9-3 in their last 12 games.

Enjoy the traffic!!!

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