Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jan. 6th - el DIA de LOS REYES. Winter League Update from PUERTO RICO

!Feliz Dia de Los Reyes..!

!Buenos Dias BloggerHood!  January 6th is Three Kings Day.

The TrolleyBlogger jumped a ferry [ wink*wink ; ) ] for a WINTER LEAGUE update from el Liga de Beisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico.

There's nothing going on with Alex Cora getting hurt.  My uncle says no news is good news and Alex is just looking foward to spring training.  At the time los Criollos de Caguas were in last place.  They've since won five in a row when play resumed after the holiday break.  They're currently in third place now sporting a record of 15-19.  Arecibo y los Lobos are still in first place by 3.5 games over los Gigantes (Giants) de Carolina in second.

Aaron Bates of Caguas, on the RedSox 40-man roster, is having a nice winter for himself batting .300 plus.  He plays first-base for the Criolles.  I think Ivan Rodriguez is just hanging out for some work out and practice because he isn't playing much at all.  If your interested, Ruben Sierra is still kickin' it in the P.R. League too.

The biggest story since Sunday would be Carlos Delgado's return to active participation.  He got one hit Sunday, for los Gigantes de Carolina.  In this article Carlos said , "I haven't seen live pitching since May '09.  I felt real good at the plate.  It was a step in the right direction."  I will make no secret of this - I want the 37 year old Delgado back on the Mets on a one year deal.  He is 27 home runs shy of 500.  He is 88 rbi shy of 1600 for his career.  I want him to do it in a Mets' uniform.  Those two numbers are VERY attainable.  I thought last year would be the year for those milestones.  His hip said otherwise.  Carlos also said in the article he has no fear of sliding.

In celebration of Dia de Los Reyes, today's game between los Criollos and los Indios de Mayaguez (mayaguez Indians) in Caguas will be free to the fans and public.  Carlos Beltran affiliates himself with the Mayaguez team.

There it is folks, your Puerto Rican League update.  !En mi casa se habla Beisbol, siempre!  Time to load the Trolley back on the ferry and steam home to Brooklyn.  Adios deste mi Isla de Encanto.



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