Wednesday, January 06, 2010

If I were The QUIET MAN...I'd be Screaming!

Can someone tell me why Gil Hodges is not in the Hall of Fame?  When he retired he was 10th all-time in home runs.  That is not revisionist history.  The debate has been around a long time.  There's no reason for me to get into the stats and his record here.  But can someone change my mind about him being a HOF'er so I can get on with my life?  I know it's not a ballot issue.  But can the Veteran's Committee have that much ambivalence towards him?  We're talking about several of his contemporaries after the committee underwent their re-org/shake-up.  His record is not overstated when you compare them in relation to his time.  If you want to say he is somewhere between Tony Perez and Fred McGriff, cool!  Do it.  That means Gil Hodges is either in or out.  So which is it?  If you have different players to use as parameters.., be my guest.  I just need a good night's sleep for a change cause this is killin' me like having a pebble inside my NIKE.  C'mon HOF!  Just Do IT!!

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