Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carlos Delgado...Ya Gotta Believe

I want Carlos Delgado back on the Mets in the 2010 season under a one year deal.

I understand he will be 38 years old this summer.

I think he will be quite servicable for a year.  Alex Rodriguez and Chase Utley are two that come to mind who've recovered from similar injury, granted they are younger.  Me?  Apples and Oranges.

Carlos Delgado needs 27 home runs for 500.  He needs 88 RBI for 1600.  I want him reaching these career totals in a Mets' uniform.  27/88 I believe are attainable numbers C.Delgado can reach with sustained health and a 135 game work load provided the Met's line-up can get out of ICU and wear spikes again.

If Carlos Delgado can achieve those magic numbers this year, or with his hip and health permitting, he has to cheat into 2011, that will separate him from the Fred McGriff(s) of life in HOF purgatory.

Please do not trump-up a charge about him taking a stand on an issue and using the National Anthem to express it.  That is our inalienable right as Americans to do so, which Carlos Delgado chose to excersize and is entitled to do such as a citizen of the United States.  In light of our young men and  women presently in combat, I'm not making political statements here.  I am saying I'm sure he believes that right applies to all Americans and is opposed, as all Americans should be, to anyone or entity trying to abrogate that right.  Did he burn anything in effigy?  Did he picket at the fence on Pennsylvania Ave?  He excersized silent protest which is more dignified than a lot of athletes we can think of who conduct themselves in lesser manners.  I'm done....(coming down...3...2...1.)

I like Daniel Murphy, I do, honestly, as a Met fan.  But we need slugging from that position.  I think a recovering Delgado will produce more than a developing Murphy.  I'm afraid at present, Murphy hasn't given me any indication that he is not the next Dave Magadan.  While the addition of Jason Bay lightens everyone's load a touch, we need more from first-base and I think Delgado is the short term answer.  With Murph on the bench, Angel Pagan, and if the Mets don't move Luis Castillo, having Alex Cora backing up the infield, we now have one of the best benches in baseball.  My opinion of course.

If my prescient thoughts ring true, Delgado should have enough in the tank to get the Mets back to respectability and him into the Hall of Fame sometime in the late portion of this newly started decade.

I think I'm clear where I stand.

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