Saturday, January 16, 2010

"BROOKLYN" NETS...I hope Bruce Ratner is Listening.

Well, the TrolleyBlogger did it again.  I ambushed a bunch of guys in the park to ask them what I thought about the NBA Nets moving from New Jersey to our home, Brooklyn.  I saw an opportunity to get more voices from the borough heard;  the real people of the neighborhoods, unlike those with an agenda whether to create the Ratner Dreamland, or kill the project outright.  These guys in the park are the people who will be attending these games.  All them blabber-liticos on TV aren't talking with our best interest in mind.  It's all about them and their agendas.

 Regardless, I saw my opportunity and pulled over.  I signaled to one gentleman not playing at the time to meet me by the fence.  I told him what I was up to, and as my new point of contact, he got some of the others to pacify me.  With a simple show of hands, I asked them if they viewed the move to Brooklyn positively.  I got 5 hands up.  The only one to vote no, went a little farther than that by saying the organization should be disbanded, an obvious excersize in hyperbole..  For your information, these gentlemen in the park I'd say ranged from 15 to 17 years old.  I'm really bad at guessing ages.  They were all pretty much Knicks fans and my contact guy had to take a second and think about future loyalties should the Nets come.  HE stayed correct and didn't think he could stop being a Knicks fan in favor of the Nets.

But as when I talked to Farrell and Kane over in Commodore Barry Park about this,  today's TrolleysBlogger targets were of like mind in they say these Nets as currently constituted, better get better quick.  The Washington Generals we don't need. 

The Borough of Kings has 2.5 million people in it.  I've given you a small sampling of what 7 people so far are thinking.  These Nets, if they come to Brooklyn, better come strong, or stay home.  That seems to be the sentiment about that.  And done for today.

I wanna thank my friends in JAIME CAMPIZ PLAYGROUND today for humoring me, but Nets ownership should know what we're thinking since he wants us to buy tickets.  I hope your listening Bruce.  The people are talkin'.

Here they are Mr.Ratner, myself included, we are your future fans.  By the time you move this team here, my park friends will be in college or working, or at minimum working towards a better day.  Where do you want them spending their money?  We're speaking up.  Get that team improved.

Thanks for your time today guys.  Wave hello everyone.

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