Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BROOKLYN ACES 2008-2009 we hardly knew ya. BUT WE GOT THE AVIATORS NOW!!!

For what it's worth, I'm glad I at least checked it out.  Turned out to be kinda fun.  We hardly knew ya guys.  But it was a nice one and only year in the Hanger.  Minor League Hockey can make it here.  I'll go.  Farewell EPHL..Eastern Professional Hockey League.  You'll probably be forgotten, but ya gotta start somewhere.

Now there's a new league and we're known as
The New York Aviators
of the
North East Professionall Hockey League
I still need to ckeck them out.  And I will.
BUT Guess What?!?
In the league's first and The New York Aviators first year,
the New York Aviators are the 2010 NEPHL Champions!
They beat the Rhode Island Storm in a 14-1 romp to secure the victory.


This pic is from their site.
Check it all out at

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