Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boca Juniors vs. San Lorenzo pre-season Torneo del Verano as i see it.

Tonight's pre-season match between Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo @ Mar Del Plata as I watch it:

The Boca Juniors are starting out very strong in the first 5 minutes of this Torneo de Verano match versus San Loranzo.  The appear in control.

at 7:51 of the first half...GOOOOOOAL!!!!  fed by a beautiful cross from the near corner, a header from Colazo makes the back of the net for BOCA!! 1-0.

Both teams are wearing out the grass in mid-field.

GOOOOOAAL!!!  Deflected, Gunino scores!! San Lorenzo at 11:20.  Boca's defense was floundering, San Lorenzo cashed in off a fluke redirect off a Boca player.  Score 1-1.

And one minute later!!!!! GOOOOOOAL!!  at 12:31 San Lorenzo strikes again.  Bordagay Scores!!  Unbelievable!  A long shot from above the box makes it over everyone's head to include Abbondanzeiri.  score 2-1 San Lorenzo.

As I watch this match, I can't help but think how different these matches are, and always were.  The crowd passions and antics are superior to anything I experience in the states.  Sure there's nothing like a dramatic home run.  But from start to finish 90 minutes later, the stadium sings in unison, chanting their rally songs emphatically all match long.  It's amazing really.  There are no vocal breaks in a soccer match.  The fans do not stop!.  I love that!.

For such a strong start, Boca's play is leaving something to be desired at present.  At 32:27 San Lorenzo almost made it 3-1 if not for a nice dive deflection by Abbondanzieri.

33:17 the third yellow card is issued to San Lorenzo.  They've been controlling play since about 6:30 into the match.  Boca looks lethargic actually.  This is a practice game right?  Whew...yes it is, as are the three matches after this.

Since 2004 success in the South American Cup action, Boca has had it's issues.  This season makes no difference.  The retirement announcement of Abbondanzieri, goal keeper successor controversies rolled into action, post haste.  Boca will soon be having management decisions to be made soon also.

We're at the 42:00 point of the first half.  San Lorenzo is carrying the action spending most of their time in Boca's end.

Coming up on 45:00 of the first's looks like 2:00 minutes are being added said the announcer.  Boca took a corner kick and put in on goal but easily stopped.

46:00.....Boca coming on in this last minute with their second shot on goal stopped.   47:00 
First half ends at 47:00 minutes time elapsed.  San Lorenzo leads, scoring on a deflection, a shot from above the box over 2 defenders and Abbondanzi's head,  catching Boca way out of position but good passing netting their goal..  Boca scored the first goal of the match and it's been San Lorenzo since.  Whistle..HALF.

2nd HALF - let's see if Boca makes adjustments.

A SHOT...barely tipped off goal by S.Lorenzo goalkeeper.  Corner kick bares nothing. Boca looses zone.

Boca got some steam...left side...pass right....pass middle...SHOT!  POST!!!!  rebound GOOOOOOAL!!!
Boca ties score at 49:59 into the match.  Excellent movement.

Boca...Header...wide of goal.  Boca keeping pressure last 5 minutes.

Boca...a passing clinic again....header on net right into goalkeepers arms.  And an off-sides is gonna keep action in San Lorenzo's end.

OUCH!  Boca just got it's second yellow card.....OUCH...a kick to the face... should be a penalty.  Boca got away with one...55:09.   FREE KICK.....doesn't get through the wall...and now interference goes against Boca.  Getting scrappy out there.  Foul...yellow #4 for S. Lorenzo.  See?!

Free Kick...cleared out.  coming up on 59:00.   Foul?  yes...S.Lorenzo free kick.  zip effect.  Bunch of loitering at mid-field.    DOH!  hand to the face...Torres who has a yellow already for S.Lorenzo is a pretty, uh...chippy player.  He takes extra measures of antagonism.  11,000 fans, mostly S.Lorenzo fans are singing throughout.  I don't think they've sung the same jam twice.  Ineffective play takes us into 65:00.

Uh-oh...fancy footwork pissed off Boca and the little dancer went comes a free kick for Lorenzo...Headed up....down it falls in Abbodanzieri's hands.  That dude got too cute and payed for it.  Ouch!

Boca in their dark blue and gold chest banded jersey...San Lorenzo in their white shorts and blue and maroon striped tops.  Palermo...PALERMO  PALERMO.....Boca substitues and the crowd chants PALERMO!  One of my long time favorites is in the game at 69:30.  He's wearing number 18?...he's #9!
Think 18 is his international number.   shhiiii...

While I was bullshitting about his jersey....GOOOOOOOAL!!!! SAN LORENZO - Bottinelli!!!  GOAL!!  San Lorenzo 3  Boca 2.  DAMN!!!!  At 69:58

Crowd is crazy lowd now.  Motown aint' got shit on this crowd.  DOH!! I see white whiskers on Palermo's chin!     Coming up on 74:00

Corner kick for San Lorenzo....cross..offensive foul...back the other way.   OUCH!!!
Someone got the Yellow....Rosada for Boca.  We're all yellowed up 4 apeice.  I know this is pre-season but C'mon!  As I'm listening to the talkies,,, they are right,.  We have a lot of issues to address on defense, not because of this game.  They just do.

Corner kick Boca.....headed wide left.  79:00.   80:20 -- That's the second hand ball not called tonight!  Refs need pre-season too!

San Lorenzo substitutes.

Boca...crossing passssss...headed out.  back in box...Palermo WIDE!...he could'v got a corner kick. Refs swallowing whistle.

Uh oh......RED CARD CITY!!!!  San Lorenzo.  How old is this kid?  OUCH!!  Bertochi...he was in for like 3 minutes.  That cudda been a yellow,  He's young.  Ref probably did him a favor getting him out of angry men's paths.

Can Boca take advantage of 10 on the field for San Lorenzo.  They already made sustitutions.  85:30.

Boca just squandered a good chance.     SHOTTTTT !!!! DAMN!!!! an inch wide. Boca almost tied it.  87:30.

Boca with extra man on field keeping play in S.Lorenzo's end.  Can't get it together though.  ...nothing..89:20.

Boca running out of time.  4 minutes have been added.  Confirmed.  (practice...this is practice).  Another hand ball.....and Another HAND ball!   C'Mon!

91:30 top of the out.  Lorenzo clears...Boca ..left of the box...a header....out......A CROSS.  cleared out to midfield.......Boca charge...shot...shot deflected again...CROSS   GOOOOOOOAL!!!!    GOOOOOOAL!!!!!! GOOOOOALLLL!!  PALERMOO!!!!!! GOOOOOAL!!!
there're chanting his name PALERMO.....the all-time leader scorer with BOCA!!!  against his former team San 94:10.

everyone is showing yellow cards and are getting uh...restlesss......TIME!!  at 95:05  BOCA WINS on MARTIN PALERMO's late minute goal.

IN MAR DEL PLATAt; Argentina,  It's over.  In a last minute act of old time Palermo heroism,...just like he lifted the national team.  Can't get into that now... PALERMO.  Goal!  Azul y Oro!!  Oh...right.  this was practice.  I need practice too, right?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010  pre-season of the 2010 Torneo de Verano is under way.
Boca Juniors 3   San Lorenzo 2

game over...go home.

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