Monday, January 11, 2010

!Beisbol Update from South of the Border!

The Caribbean Series is coming in February.  These are just short updates trying to keep you up to speed for the coming tournament, and keep me busy till Pitchers and Catchers report.

Today -  The South of the Border edition:  Mexico

In Mexico's Northern League, Los Tabaquerros de Santiago won their league's championship defeating los Diablos Rojos de Universitarios de Tepic.  WooHoo!

In the Mexican league playoffs which will help decide Mexico's participant in the Caribbean Series we have to look at the PACIFIC MEXICAN LEAGUE.  The PML Final four is set.

Los Naranjeros de Hermosillo defeated Los Mayos de Navojoa to gain a Final four spot.

Los Yaquis de Obregon clinched their spot last Thursday and earned top seed.  Hermosillo is seeded two.

Those two teams would play the winner and looser, of a series to determine seeding and opponent, between Los Tomateros de Culiacan, who we will call the "wild card team", and Los Venados de Mazatlan.

Los Tomateros de Culiacan just won game 7 of that series the other night.  The loosing pitcher for Venados de Mazatlan was none other than Esteban Loaiza. ...'member him?

So the Final Four of the Pacific Mexican League is set.  The winner of this tourney plays in the Caribbean Series.

Los Narajeros de Hermosillo - 2
Los Tomateros de Culiacan - 3


Yaquis de Obregon
Venados de Mazatlan

Consider yourself updated.

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la liga mexicana de beisbol  North League

mexican pacific league

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