Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Battle of the Hudson resumes: DEVILS vs. RANGERS

Last night the Battle of the Hudson resumed again.  The New York Rangers, my team, lost a 1-0 shootout contest to Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils.  Both goalies, Brodeur and Henrik Lundqvist did not allow a puck to enter net for 60 minutes, in offsetting shut-outs.  Martin Brodeur in head to head battles versus Henrik Lundqvist has only managed 8 wins against King Henrik and the Blueshirts.  Lundqvist has been victorious over Brodeur and the Devils 15 times.  That's a nice record to have against the likes of Brodeur.  It palls in comparison to Martin's record which inched upwards another notch with his shutting out of the Rangers at MSG last night.

This Blog didn't cover Martin Brodeur becoming the all-time winningest goalie in NHL history.  Nor did I make mention of Brodeur becoming the all-time shut-outs leader.  I will get back and revisit that soon.  As an area fan, if even if you're not from these parts, I, quite simply, enjoy having someone of Martin Brodeur's talents playing in my backyard.

I say this as a Ranger's Fan Blue Blood.  As long as they are not playing the Rangers, the Devils are cool with me, and have been since they arrived here from Colorado.  It's the New York Islanders that earn my ire.

We pick up this Blog with Martin Brodeur notching career shut-out number 107 over the Rangers last night at MSG.  This isn't the first post I envisioned for my Blueshirts, but Martin Brodeur deserves it, and I'm damn glad he plays here in the area.

The New York Rangers?  Yea, they're my team....have been since about 1977-78.  I'll be getting into them a lot.  I'll be doing stuff about the Devils too.  OK, I'll cover some Islander stuff too.  Here!  Try this on!

(This one's for you Hammer!)

But for now it's helpful for you to know that I am A Ranger!  I like the Devils.  I detest the Islanders, but doesn't that make this more fun?

Trust me.  The Rangers can wait for me to start ripping them.  It's coming though.

Tonight, let's just congratulate both teams on a very well played game.  Fellow Ranger Fans, let's take a time-out and just give Brodeur credit.  He's great, and as a Hockey fan, let's appreciate his career while he still tends net in our backyard, even if it is Jersey.

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