Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here's another edition of URBAN ART.  Give all credit to the talented denizens of Brooklyn.  Wandering the streets of Brooklyn, The TrolleyBlogger brings you:  An ALIEN NATION: Part Two!

I hope you liked today's show and today's ride on the TROLLEY through the neighborhood.  A lot of graffiti can be mindless nonsense and tags and very unappealing.  However, there are works that do get my attention.  Some works are just down right good.  I snap the pics along the way.  I do not condone graffiti for uncreative intentions however some of it is damn nice to admire.  It's just life in the big city.  I'd rather see something creative than just a scribbled tag marring-up the neighborhoods.  I know what's up with some of the tags going on.  That's a differnt subject matter I don't get into.

Check in for more ALIEN updates and other efforts.

I have a couple of motifs going on in my mind.  The next one I plan on presenting you is a little more humanistic, but funky.  It will be called as the picture suggests:

I created a link bubble for your convenience, in case you'd like to reference the posts again.
Until then I look foward towards reading all your wonderful blogs and interacting with you very fine people.

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