Friday, January 08, 2010

1999 - 2009 Then & Now.......DOH!

There once was a day when baseball players looked closer to this,

...than the players of today.  But then a real "Loosey Goosey Time" and counter-culture took root with-in the beautifully manicured fields of baseball green in parks across America, primarily because of:

...And by 1999 many players were using...

Players thought this stuff just the coolest thing ever.  After all, they're all just young and stupid right?  Anyway, it made them go from feeling like...

...especially in the dog days of August, to feeling like....

So a bunch of these guys, drunk with their new super powers took bat in hand and proceeded to point, laugh and mock Baseball in 1999.  Forty-four players hit over 30 home runs.  Thirteen players hit 40 plus home runs.  Two players hit over 60 home runs.  Whew...Hot diggity-Dog!!  If we didn't know any better we'd say they swung a bat like.....

McGwire 65   Sosa 63   Griffey 48   Palmeiro 47   C.Jones 45  
GREG friggin VAUGHN 45!!!
Delgado 44   Manny 44   Bagwell 42   S.Green? 42   V.Guerrero 42
A-Rod 42   Piazza 40
31 other players hit over 30 in the year 1999.  The Artist Originally Known as Prince wrote that song just for them.

Fast-foward ten years.  You are there, 2009.  The season ends with no one hitting over 60 home runs or
50 home runs.  Five players hit over 40.

Pujols 47   Fielder 46   Howard 45
M.Reynolds 44   & A.Gonzalez 40.
twenty-five more players hit over 30 home runs.

I gave you the numbers.  You do the math.

Greg Vaughn?   Ged 'oudda heeya wit d'at!!!  Ya gotta be kiddin me!!

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