Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Just Left the CITI....What did he leave under the Met Tree?

Man-Cave - Brooklyn - Christmas - 12:30a.m.

Santa came to Citi Field tonight and left those Wascally Wilpons a little something.  At least it wasn't coal.  Omar Minaya is reportedly signing Kelvim Escobar to a one year minor league deal.  Not bad.  I've been killing the Mets all week for their hybernation this winter.  That twitch the other day that resulted in R.A. Dickey maybe was an indication the Mets are waking from their slumber.  Really?  Nah!  But this signing isn't bad at all, and if it is a minor league contract, even better.  The twitch has graduated to a full spasm now.  Maybe we can get some real motion going soon?  Aye?

Escobar pitched one game last year - DL'd since 2008.
2007 - 18 wins 7 losses  3.40 era  160 strikeouts/66 walks in 195 the American League.
If he can stay healthy this guy is better than decent.  He can come out of the bullpen, but he already qualifies as the Mets' #2 starter (remember...Pray for rain, instead of Perez and Maine).  No one associated with the Mets, no fan, no doctor, no clairvoyant or psychic knows what Perez or Maine will be capable of in 2010.

Escobar is 101 - 90 lifetime splitting his career between Toronto and Anaheim of Los Angeles of Orange County of Southern Cali of the West Coast of the counrty.  Since 2004 he has been sporting an ERA under 4.00, again, in the American League.

Verdict?  Omar did good this time.  The Mets have nothing to loose, pending a minor league contract.

Escobar is conditioned to being on a winner.  The Angels are a good environment to come from.  Coach Scioscia runs a tight ship.  It's a step in the right direction.  If we was kicking a '3.change' ERA in the A.L., I'm hoping Escobar can get better from there.  This signing could work out very well for us.

BUT..........I'm not letting this MESS off the hook just yet.  This is just another example of the Wilpon's operating model.  There is no plan in place.  This was what you call opportunistic feeding.  The Wilpons are not predatory creatures.  This is akin to being a bottom feeder waiting for the next whale carcass to gently make it's way down to the Ocean Bottom Diner.  The sun shines on a dog's behind at least once a day too.  Could my judgement be clouded by fustrations with this club?  Could we just call this an astute GM move by Minaya?  I'll answer that.  Omar?  OK, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Those 'Wascally' Wilpons?  My mind is clear about them.

Mets operating model?  Flawed.    Signing Kelvim Escobar?  Not bad at all, regardless of how opportunistic it was.

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