Friday, December 25, 2009

Mets, Alex Cora, Winter League & "RaysRenegade"

RaysRenegade.....THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BUDDY!!

I,  like many people this morning spent time on the phone connecting with loved ones and the like.  My most trusted person I call for my doses of Winter League updates and inside stories is none other than my Uncle.  He attends games of the Puerto Rican Pro League religiously and is connected through friendships and from umpiring.

He shared some news with me this morning and it affects the Mets too.  ALEX CORA injured himself during this winter season and I believe he's packing up his things and foregoing the rest of his work for the/Los Criolles de Caguas.

The news is extremely preliminary.  I can't stress that enough.   I'm probably the first to "report" this, and who knows, the story may not even get out depending what kind of injury, if any he incurred.  I feel obligated to inform you, and as practice I don't normally offer family information, but yes, I, we, me and Alex are related....obviously Joey Cora too.  Their Aunt, my mom, is here opening up presents with me today.  Again,  I do not know what kind of injury Alex Cora sustained and I certainly don't know what this means to the Mets.  I was told this morning as an aside during my conversation with my uncle.  I'm not even sure when  it might have happened either.  So, until then perhaps we should just go on with our lives.

But while I have your attention, here's your little Winter League update.  As of this post, Alex's team, los CRIOLLOS de CAGUAS were in last place sporting a 10-19 record, 7 games behind the first place  LOBOS de ARECIBO who have a 16-11 record.  The league is currently on holiday break.

If I may....Lobos are "The Wolves" and the Criollos, translated would be the "Originals".  There, this concludes today's Puerto Rican Pro League update.

               (mural is from Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

When I learn something more, I will definitelty pass it along to you good folks.  Here's a couple of pics to compliment this..  One picture is the cap worn by los Criollos de Caguas about 20 years ago.  It belonged to another uncle of mine who passed away 10 years ago this year.  I kept many items he had.  And here's a pic of their current cap too.  The banner is from the Leones de Ponce (the Ponce Lions).  It is signed by most of the team sometime in the late 80's.  I  forgot what year exactly.  Two notable autographs are that of JOEY CORA and CARMELO MARTINEZ.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday everyone.  Be well.

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