Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jason Bay? OK......... Perez & Maine...Oh The Pain!

The Mets signed Jason Bay today to a 4 year contract worth $66 Million. Well...At least they didn't do anything foolish like sign him for five. I'm on record as wanting to offer him a 3 year take it or leave it deal. It works out $6 million more than the Red Sox were willing to give him.

Here's what I think. BIG WHOOOP!!! I'm not gonna say anything silly. Jason Bay is a good player. Our bench is instantly made better by having Angel Pagan sitting on it (that was not sarcasm). But he is not changing anything at Citi Field until the Mets get a pitcher that can shotgun with Johan Santana. Period.

Don't plan on any trips down I-95 looking for success unless you're looking to buy a PHILLY-CheezSteak. Until the Mets get that pitcher, Jason Bay is inconsequential and a year too long.

Let me make this clear also. I like John Maine and I still believe Ollie Perez is correctible as ridiculous as that sounds, I really do. His problems are simple if you ask me. Allow me to digress a moment on OLLIE.

When Ollie Perez learns how to plant his landing foot perpendicular to home plate; - When he gets his toes pointed towards his catcher, most of his problems will go away. Psychotherapy is not the answer. I can't believe no one sees this. Any weekend pitching coaches out there? Do you concur? His landing foot falls everywhere it's not supposed to. He consistently lands closed to the catcher and you're always having to throw across your body. The rock rolls down the hill from there. I'm Done.

But honestly, has anyone even heard about Oliver and Maine? Hello? Realistically, what can we expect from them in 2010? C'mon, I'm a fan too. I'm just being pragmatic. We are closer to PRAY FOR RAIN vs OLLIE and MAINE than we are trusting them every fifth day.

So now I guess the Mets turn to their fan base and say 'SEE! The winter was fruitful. We told you. - We got R.A. DICKEY to sign a minor league deal. We stole Kelvim Escobar from under every one's noses and now we just hit a scorching line drive with Jason Bay. Bengie Molina looks close to joining as well - SEE?!

I can hear them now.

Let me ask you something.....All you Met optimists out there, are you feeling good right now? And all you Met pessimists out there, are you feeling a little grumpy right now?

Hear this. It doesn't change anything in the N.L. East yet. We had bigger needs to fill than LF. Our outfield is now BAY-lf - BELTRAN-cf >(is he going to stay healthy?) - and FRANCOEUR-rf.

*sigh* I've seen worse. I've seen better. Funny how Jason Bay didn't mean much to us when he was in our minor league system but now he's worthy of over payment for services yet rendered (raising one eyebrow).

Jose Reyes' hamstring? How's that coming along? Will he be able to run like he used to? This is the second season he's lost to hamstring issues. If he can't run......(fill in the blank).

Blog ya later. I've spent the last two days preparing a Fred Wilpon/Mets' General Manager rant. Sheeesh... this blogging ain't EZ. I give you good folks credit for tsome of the things you have going on in your sites. Looking forward to checkin them out in 2010.


Philly Fans, I hope you've been enjoying your view from the top of the division. We just didn't want to be there. I'm throwing you guys a bone. I'm in a good mood today. Here Philly....Chew on this!!!!


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