Saturday, December 26, 2009

Montague and Court, Jackie Robinson Dedication and Ebbets Field Mural

The Mission Statement ~  It's too easy using readily available pictures of Ebbets Field and the old Brooklyn Dodgers from books and other sites, etc. etc. for purposes of reflection, waxing nostalgic, and driving ourselves crazy.  That's not what I'm doing.  I'm looking for the footprint in the dried up river bed.  I'm cracking slabs of shale, and breaking slate to find what is left behind.  I'm looking for evidence, underneath layers of urban sediment.  I'm looking for the fingerprints of Baseball left upon Brooklyn.

Here in the Borough of Kings, the soul of the Boys of Summer, Dem Bums, Brooklyn's beloved Dodgers still lives on.  Whether we wear our Brooklyn Dodger jersies at a Cyclones game in Coney Island,  paying a toll to drive over the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, or walk into any sporting goods store in Brooklyn, the essence of the Dodgers is everywhere.  Somewhere there's an old season ticket holder on 18th Avenue wearing his Dodger cap carrying a brown bag of fruit or vegetables as part of a daily routine.  I'm telling you as fact, before the sun goes down on the day, that person would have spent at least a couple of seconds thinking about his/her Bums.

Today the Trolley is pulling up to the corner of Montague Street and Court Street, in Downtown Brooklyn.  On this corner stood the building where the Brooklyn Dodger Baseball Club Offices were.  Their offices were not located within Ebbets Field.  The offices and Ebbets were a short distance from each other within 2 miles or so.

Today there is a bank occupying the location.  Outside, on the front of the building, in 1998 a plaque was dedicated honoring the sight, and the history which took place within it's offices.

Inside the bank itself is a marvelous mural depicting play at Ebbets Field.  If you notice the buildings in the backround behind center field, they are still there on Bedford Avenue.

I hope you enjoyed your ride to the site of the Bum's old offices 
with the BTB.

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