Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brian Cashman Hints There'$ Nothing Left..

I heard Brian Cashman on the radio saying the Yankees were not actively, and have no intention of signing a high priced solution for left field.


Is Brett Gardner the left fielder now?  It's apparent the Yankees want nothing to do with Johnny Damon under the terms Scott Boras is seeking to secure for his client.  However the Yankees freely admit Damon was and still could be their perfect #2 hitter in the line-up.  With Melkey shipped out, Damon unsigned and Xavier Nady being an even bigger question mark, you would think their plan is to go with Gardner.  And the Yanks have given indications they are prepared to start the season with him in left.  I heard Brian Cashman say with certainty the Yankees will not entertain an expensive option for left field.  Sounds noble.

The Yankees have an offensive philosophy, No Holes In The Line-Up, they operate by.  That sounds outstanding if you can afford it.  No?  Remember how they addressed right field when Gary Sheffield was DL'd?  They traded for Bobby Abreu.  Remember Kenny Lofton?  Remember last year when they told everyone they were through spending money, then went and signed Mark Teixeira?  Remember how the Yankees told us they were prepared to start the 2006 season with Bubba Crosby in center field?  Remember they signed Johnny Damon because they didn't want to start the 2006 season with Bubba Crosby?  ...Damon, Melkey and Gardner for two outfield spots?  Last year they said they were cool with that.  This winter they went and acquired Curtis Granderson and Gardner is the lone man standing of the forementioned three.  When the Yankees say they are prepared to go with somebody, Yankee speak translated, that means until we get someone better.  After all we're the Yankees.  We can afford it.

Cashman said he's committed to maintaining a payroll under $200 million.  He says they are not entertaining expensive ideas concerning left.

I'll believe it when I see it.   And if I were Brett Gardner I wouldn't Twitter anyone saying he's the starting left fielder for the New York Yankees.  With Swisher in right not being the steadiest fielder, my Spidey-sense tells me the Yankees aren't through dealing.  They just re-acquired Nick Johnson to replace Matsui.  Nick Johnson could also be the #2 hitter.  He fits.  Johnny Damon is loosing bargaining power fast.  The Yanks took away what leverage he had.  If Gardner can fight off visions of grandeur, he'd be better off for it.

Cashman talks a good game.  I am calling his bluff.

(Photo - N.Y. Post)

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